Torintone Gin was produced for one of Merseyside's most luxurious hotels, Thornton Hall. Distilled using local water and a variety of botanicals including juniper, coriander, caraway, lemon, cubeb and elderflower.


One of our first bespoke gins, it is served in the Hotel bars and retails on Thornton's website. 

Pollards INN 'PIG' GIN

Bought in small batches by Pollards Inn, a local pub & restaurant, this gin is an example of what what we can do for smaller independent businesses.

It is used as Pollard's house gin and is one of their most popular drinks on the menu!

Technical Gin

Designed completely in-house for the 170 Engineer Regiment, Technical Gin features an interesting label design.


With each batch having 170 bottles, they are all hand signed with their unique bottle number. With the regiment's fort as the background label and a trendy watchstrap seals, this gin proved to be very popular when retailing in this Army Regiment.

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