Baltic Gin

This curious Scandinavian-inspired gin was created by our master distiller using just 12 nordic botanicals such as Lingonberries, Norwegian Angelica Root, and Kaffir Lime leaves.


Baltic Gin's team of marketing professionals made a great brand to go with an equally delicious gin.

Baltic is a particular success story, being sold on Amazon and wholesale to bars across the region.

Royal liver building

RLB has a range of three bespoke gins distilled by us, where they had complete control over the design. We gave them access to our extensive list of design contacts and the branding produced is amazing - the Liver Bird cork being a particular showstopper.


After multiple gin tastings and many recipes later we found the perfect trio, a fruity shimmer gin, an elderflower and apple gin and a classic london dry.

RLB's gins are sold online and in the tour gift shop at the Liver Building.

Scouse bird

Scouse Bird gin came to us asking for a range of gins to sell in their shop and online store. She asked us to recreate a wonderful pink gin recipe she had made at a tasting session.

The resulting product is a fantastic quirky gin that is some of the best Pink Gin we have ever tasted.

It is retailed both in the Scouse Bird Shop and through our online retail and wholesale platform.

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